I have had a great working relationship with Jack Mountain Meats for about a year now. In my kitchen I prefer for the most part to buy whole animals, lamb, rabbit, duck, chicken, etc. But with Jack Mountain I am very comfortable buying chops, smoked meats, sausage, etc. Knowing first of all that the pigs are free roaming and respected very well with a great diet to the fact that the whole animal from head to tail is then used to produce great products just as I would do in my kitchen.

The hazelnut smoke of the bacon produces a much more natural taste then other bacon where the strong wood smoke looses the natural flavor of the meat.

The chops are very well butchered and the quality of the meat is fantastic. I can go out any night in my restaurant to hear that I’ve served them the best pork chop they have ever had. No need to brine as the meat is already tender enough and just enough fat around the eye to add some great flavor as well.

A great service team there as well. Since the beginning I have felt like we have been in a relationship with Jack Mountain Meats. They are very concerned about my individual needs rather than just being one of their random customers.
— Raymond Southern, Executive Chef - Rosario Resort & Spa

A prominent local chef recommended Jack Mountain Meats to me when I was looking for a local source of pork. The fine quality and freshness of Jack Mountain’s meat was clear in the first bite. Always striving to create dishes that allow the goodness of the ingredients express themselves, I highly recommend Jack Mountain Meats to anyone who wants nutritional, healthy foods whether for professional use or in the home. In addition to their products, their ordering system is efficient and they have kind customer service.
— Hiroki Inoue, Chef-Owner - The UpCountry Restaurant

Jack Mountain Meats has been an asset to Drizzle Lynden ever since we opened up late 2015. The product consistently amazes me week in and week out, the pork is pretty phenomenal. The Customer service is always top notch and ordering is a breeze, they have alway’s worked with us to make sure we get what we need at whatever cost, and that goes a long way. I highly recommend the City ham, Mortadella and Capicola, each product is done perfectly.
— Andy Nguyen, Executive Chef / General Manager - Drizzle